My name is Nurit Kirshenbaum. I design, create, think, review and occasionally play with educational games for children (aren't all games educational in their own way?) I am now completing a Master's degree in Interactive Media, and I write a blog called "21st Century Digital Boys" where I talk about my observations on life and my two boys.

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See some of my work below:

bwP1Box Experiment - A Flash game Link
bwP17Worksheet maker - php/mysql web application Link
bwP3Mathematician's job - Interactive conversation in Flash Link
bwP18Oorzaak Lab - Native iPad game Link
bwP5Logic gates - animation video Link
bwP6Logic Games - with Flash matching game Link
bwP8Libby's house - Interactive Map in Flash Link
bwP9'Scraper Caper - A Flash game Link
bwP14Do you speak Puppetry - A web site implementation Link
bwP10GPP Promotion - video production Link
bwP11UCD Report - final document analyzing NIKKD website Link
bwP12Children's storytelling technology - video presentation Link
bwP13Heist - A Wordpress template design Link
bwP15Vectory - A Flash game Link
bwP16CSS workshop - presentation in pdf Link
bwP4Read with your Child - video production Link
bwP2Cursed Jewel - Flash animation Link

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About me:


Full name is Nurit Kirshenbaum, but my nickname Nurki is special to me and I use it a lot. I was born and raised in Israel but moved with my husband to the US in 2005. He is a mathematician, currently working as an assistant proffesor at Yale, if you have mathematicians in your life, then you know what that is like. If you don't, I recommend you get one - it's very funny.

I worked in High-Tech after graduating from the Technion in Electrical Engineering and then in various production/marketing related jobs when we moved to the States. Right now I'm working in a publishing company developing ebooks.

I am also working on a Master's degree in Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University, and am slowly finding my desired direction. I am very much interested in the field og game design. More specifically, educational games. And even more specifically, educational games that support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. One focus of my blog is of children games, mostly as I view my children interact with them.

I have twin boys, born in 2007. They are very different from each other, but smart and goofy in their own ways. One of them is on the autism spectrum, and that presents its own challenges. The distance from our families in Israel presents another.

In addition to my digital interests, I enjoy reading and writing detective, science fiction, and fantasy novels, and I collect manga books.